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        Our company, make use of over thirty years of experience in scope of sowing seeds turnover. Being as it were continuation of the Seed Station in Bydgoszcz, acting by BZZ Herbapol, we have a big circle of co-operating companies all over the world. In results of market transformations, Herbador came into existence on the basis of the bankrupt bydgoska unit and guaranteed supply for already existing co-operators.

        Nowadays, few years after changes, Herbador very actively extends market. By boarding range of products and by forming complementarily of delivery, the company became a highly valued supplier for many domestic and foreign consumers. We continually are in charge of quality and meeting the deadlines of delivery. That made our company a trustworthily partner which makes co-operation whit us very fruitful. In reply to our consumer's needs, we are continually extending our product proposals, which let us became more and more attractive partner. Making use of long standing experience in herbal sow and raw material turnover and also thanks to many visits to our clients, we have the ability of a permanent and stable development in the scope of specification knowledge of goods. We have our own laboratory where systematically our products are tested. Moreover all our goods are examined by the Regional Seed Inspection which gives us  written information about the quality of our products.

        Making an effort to meet our costumer's requirements, we always offer a consulting service, our knowledge and experience. We are always ready to complete every possible order. We listen to our clients and we know how to be a reliable partner.

          Herbador "Partners of nature" join us.